{05} Radiation

Radiation is just one more step in the “just to be sure” process and I found it to be relatively easy and within a few sessions it will become routine to you.  It’s quick, painless and the most inconvenience is scheduling your life around the daily drive to the clinic or hospital.  If you are working, some even arranged it during their lunch break! My only word of caution with that is (at lease for my location) the machine broke down frequently, so I usually had a book and my sneakers handy in case I had to “kill” an hour or two before it was up and running again.   Here are my other pointers to get you through the 4-6 weeks.

a) Don’t go cheap on the radiation creme and get the kind that most appeals to you (despite the price).  I used Miaderm and I found it to be really nice.  It’s the most expensive of them all, but 2 tubes is the MOST you’ll need.  They offer a buy 3 get free shipping and I don’t recommend it, unless you want to resell the new tube to someone in your group. (that’s what I did)

b) It was only towards the end did my skin pigment begin to turn a weird sick brownish pink color, but for the most part my skin remained comfortable and it began to fade fairly quickly after my last treatment.

c) Radiation can cause fatigue, so roll with it if you feel like afternoon naps.  Take care of your body!  I credit getting through radiation with very few side effects in part because of my long, daily walks and plenty of hydration.

d) The drive to and from everyday can be a bore, so do some things to mix it up!  Coordinate a few friends to drive you on occassion, get books on CD from the library, plan a walk in a park afterwards, treat yourself to a coffee and magazine, etc.

One Response to “{05} Radiation”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for all your information. When I was following your treatment I was praying for you, now it is my turn for my own adventure. tomorow I get the final results so all I know now is radiation is my future.

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