Megan’s Big Adventure


Breast Cancer at 37…

I’m not really sure where to begin or what to say.  It all feels a bit like I’ll be one of those cases where the doctor will call and say, “oops, my bad.  you’re ok after all.  we got your test results mixed up with someone else.”

But that is probably unlikely.  So with that in mind, I now just want to tell my story.  And surprisingly, it has been an amazing story so far.  Even through the tears, there’s been a lot of laughter, super abundant love, loads of miracles from God, and all of this good stuff has kept the scary stuff off to the side.  And I’m thankful for that!

Together we’ll make it a happy adventure, so thanks in advance for going along with me on this.

{The Photo} The above photo is dedicated to my super precious sister; it’s a bit of an inside joke and I can hear her laughing so hard when she sees it for the first time.  This photo was taken in 1987 during a family trip on the Skunk Train with our parents; I was in that horrible state of being a constantly annoyed teenager who was too cool for my family (notice I wouldn’t even smile at the camera) and my sister was doing her best to continually pester me.  Oh, can we just say hallelujah those days are long behind us!  I love you Amanda!

p.s.  I’m always happy to help and enjoy hearing from readers so please drop me an email if you’d like.  meg(at)mclouse(dot)com

5 Responses to “Megan’s Big Adventure”

  1. Kim Smith Says:

    Hey M ~ Ken and I sat up late talking about how wonderful we think you are…also Ken wondered why isn’t it the a–holes that have to deal with this and not the good ones…a compliment…honestly. We love you and I hope this will sign us up for the post updates! Kimberly

  2. Hi Megan Says:

    Hi Megan, I was so sorry to hear your bad news. It has been also three years since I also got the news. It was a level 3, grade 3+ so it was pretty scary. I was in treatment for a year and a half and so far it looks like all is well.

    The best book for Pat was BREST CANCER HUSBAND, How to help your wife through diagnosis, treatment and beyond. It helped Pat a great deal since none of my friend’s husband (with wives with cancer) seemed to beable to talk about their experiences.

    If you would like the book I would be glad to drop it off. Carol

  3. Ashley Says:

    Megan, I know Gary spoke with Mike and left you a message on behalf of both of us. We were struck hard by this news, although I just know you and Mike WILL get through this with a positive, healthy outcome.

    It makes me think back on all the medical issues that I’ve had with my dad & step mom – BOTH. UGH. Life comes at us so hard. With my step mom’s 3 (yes 3) brain aneurysims and 2 brain surgeries (where they literally cut the entire top of her skull off to get to them) and my dad’s diverticulitus (then diagnosis with a cancer ridden kidney) our family has been through a lot. They both made it through their MANY surgeries (my step mom had a total of 3 and my dad a total of 5) with flying colors and all due to the POWER of postive affirmations and the POWER of love and friendship.

    Gary and I are sending all our healthy thoughts your & Mike’s way and if there is anything we can do for you (whether it be cleaning the house, walking the dog, or the like) give us a call – WE MEAN IT.

    All the best in this challenging time!

  4. Michael Sterner Says:

    We love you & are thinking of you every day

  5. Damion Hamilton Says:

    I rarely read blogs but my wife was telling me about a wonderful post you did on the $430 blender, so I headed out in search only to find this post. This struck me hard…I am truly sorry to hear of this news. My wife and I are seriously people of faith and I can assure you that when we pray together each night…there will not be a night that you are not involved until we hear a good report!

    If there is anything Julie and I can do for you….do not hesitate to ask. Seriously.


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