October 22

Two more of my blood results were explained to me today.  Basically one level is good and it means I’m a good candidate for an after cancer drug (if we choose – still need to read more on it), and the other level is also good and that means that the cancer is NOT classified as “aggressive”.  Keep in mind that all news can quickly sway from one spectrum to the other, but I’m excited about this news today.

I walked through a local store that had a big breast cancer display full of pink stuff and I had to roll my eyes just a tad.  I mean really… “tweezers for life” with pink ribbons on them??!!  Ok, so maybe the proceeds help, but it just seemed a bit much.  But on the flip side, I cannot live without my tweezers for more than a day, so maybe there’s some truth there.

On Sunday my pastor and some friends layed hands on me for prayer all while having a dab of olive oil on their fingertips.  The oil represents vitality (I think).  Anyway I noticed it was STAR brand and that’s what I have in my cupboard.  I joked later that I’ll probably never buy another brand; if it’s good enough for blessings its good enough for cooking.

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