October 24

My tumor was 7mm (tumor is such an icky term), which is about half the size of a pea. I use the term “was” because they estimate that half of the tumor is already gone just by the initial biopsy I had last week. From what I’ve been reading, it’s more common for the discovery to be in the cm range; such as the size of a peanut or lime.  I’m happy and cautiously optimistic with my mere mm diagnosis!
And all of this talk of “peas” made me think of the fable The Princess and the Pea and how this detection was truly miraculous, just like the fable.  I’m fairly certain that if I’m the “princess” in this analogy than that definitely makes Mike my “prince”!
(I know we’re so gushy and mushy, so let’s collectively let out a big groan)

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