October 25

Yesterday we met with my second opinion doctor and it was equally as positive as my first opinion doctor, so now Mike and I have a long list of items to research, mostly with our insurance and what they cover.  Based on all of the results so far, both doctors are recommending the same; an out-patient lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node removal, followed up with 6 weeks of radiation and probably add the 5 year anti-cancer drug just to be extra safe.  There are two factors that could alter these recommendations, but we feel confident with this plan so far. The next steps for us are:

  • Determine which doctor and facility is best for our circumstances.
  • Continue with the genetic test consultation that is already scheduled for next week and then actually take the genetic test to determine if I have the “breast cancer gene”.  We’ll have to wait up to three weeks for the results.   (ughh!)
  • Schedule a MRI in the next two weeks to get a better look at my entire chest.
  • Based on all of the above, we’re looking at a tentative surgery date near Thanksgiving.

One Response to “October 25”

  1. Jayme and Terri Says:

    Well, look on the bright side, no Thanksgiving dinner in the hospital;)

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