November 6

We boogied down to South San Francisco today for my MRI appointment.  It started off a bit rough, but after the hassle subsided it pretty much went as we expected.  Without getting into too much detail since there are men who read this, “Aunt Flo” had not “arrived” yet as I had expected and the doctor was insistent that I take a pregnancy test.  So, I was shuffled around the hospital to the lab, out in the public mind you, while wearing my hospital gown, wristband and socks!  There were several emotions during this fiasco; (1) I was certain that I was not pregnant and I was generally annoyed with my body for not cooperating, (2) I was already horrified to walk around the hospital room in my socks but then it hit mach level 4 when I had to go into the public bathroom with no shoes on (I considered burning my socks tonight), (3) I completely looked like an escaped mental patient because don’t forget that everyone is in plain street clothes doing routine appointments.

So, once it was official that the stork had not brought me a present, I finally got my dreaded I.V., was rolled into the MRI tube for 30 minutes and then we were happily sent free.

Now we wait for the results; fingers crossed for tomorrow, but Monday is more likely.

One Response to “November 6”

  1. JAH Says:


    Your commentary about being considered as an escaped mental health patient, burning your socks, trying to look cool in a hospital gown, Aunt Flo, were all mighty funny to read.

    I love you, will be with you every step of the way, and as you say, “everything happens for a reason.”

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