November 11

To recap:

Since my genetic results returned earlier than expected, we were considering moving my surgery up, but based on multiple factors, we’ve decided to keep my original surgery date of Tuesday November 25.  It will most likely be an out patient procedure and I’ll be home resting by the evening, and then happily stuffing my face at my in-laws two days later!

The surgery will be a small lumpectomy and a sentinel node biopsy, which means they take a few key lymph nodes to biopsy them.

Radiation will begin about 2 weeks after surgery, it will be daily and the side effects are expected to be minimal; I might even go back to work during this.

Two last unknowns:  a) I’m going to have a second ultra sound in the next week or so on the left breast to make sure it is healthy.  b) We expect that the cancer has NOT spread to my lymph nodes but we won’t know for certain until surgery and biopsy.  IF it has spread, that means chemo and all of my lymph nodes to be removed in that area.

So, please continue to send prayers, good woo-woo, happy thoughts for:  A healthy left breast and healthy lymph nodes!

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