Lymph Node Biopsy Results

My lymph node biopsy results finally came back and…. (drum roll please) THEY ARE HEALTHY!!  So many cheers for that great news.

The “bad news” that piggybacked on this happy moment is that my breast tissue was biopsied after its removal and it came back without clear margins; which means there’s still a bit of breast cancer in the breast – the surgeon did not get it all.  This means that I will be going back into surgery in the next week or so to remove the last little bit. I’ll keep you posted to when that will be.

Other than that bit of surprising news I’m feeling well, healing quickly and I’m keeping my spirits up.

5 Responses to “Lymph Node Biopsy Results”

  1. jessamyn Says:

    yayyy!!! 🙂
    I knew it would be healthy! that’s a drag about having to go back into surgery, but you did it once, you can do it again. hopefully this will all be done by the new year!
    great news, megan!

  2. Sharon Courtney Says:

    Great News!

    I believed and do believe that everything will be fine.

    🙂 XXOO

  3. Melba Newman Says:

    Glad for the good news so far! Praying for good results for your next surgery and quick healing,

  4. JAH Says:

    You have always been an amazing angel. You captured our hearts when you were born. That recognition came at our first Apple Blossom Parade with you, me and Grandma I. You were three months old and “discovered” sleeping in your stroller by a sweet little girl with excitement in her sparkling eyes saying “she looks just like an angel!”

    Angel. My dear Megan, loved by so many. You and Mike will be sharing that moment of loving sweethearts, a bit older and sipping on red wine.

    God has planned that for you.

    Love, Mom

  5. Jayme and Terri Says:

    Awesome news about the lymph nodes. We’ll be arriving in Sebastopol on Sunday (weather permitting) to cheer you on.

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