December 13

Well, there have been a couple of doctor appointments and a lot of decisions over this last week; some good news and some surprising news, so here goes:

Stage 1
The good news is my cancer has officially been diagnosed as Stage 1, which means it has not spread anywhere else in the body and that is great news!

The complete biopsy of the tumor was determined to be Grade 3, which means it is not a nice little tightly contained tumor.  Even though it was small, it’s a bit unruly, and it’s not something to mess with.

So with that said, it’s been decided that health is (obviously) more important than a breast, so I’ve decided on a mastectomy to be extra safe.

The surgery will hopefully be combined with immediate reconstruction.  My initial consultation with the plastic surgeon is this Monday, so once again there are still some unknowns. The surgery will be either Dec. 23 but more likely Jan. 6. and I’ll know for sure after I meet with the plastic surgeon.

And the big surprise news that caught us off guard is that I WILL be having chemo.  Basically, I’m young and my doctors want to take every precaution, so my chemo will begin about 2-3 weeks after my surgery date.  So, I’ll be celebrating my 38th birthday bald.  Ughh!

Since I’ll be going through a mastectomy and chemo, it is likely that I’ll get to bypass the 6 weeks of radiation, so that is one more silver lining.

When all of this began, I didn’t take it (the cancer) all that serious.  I knew the cancerous area was small, so I just thought and I’d have the Sheryl Crow kind of breast cancer experience; a little surgery, a little this and a little that and before long I’d be back on “tour” in my tank tops.  Saying goodbye to a breast while getting sick and bald from chemo was not what I expected at all.  But I’m still focusing on all of my blessings;  I don’t have the bad gene, my lymph nodes are healthy and I’m at stage 1 which are all very important factors!

This news has taken me almost a week to process, hence my delay in posting this news, but I want everyone to know that I’m still the regular me, doing regular things and now I’m focusing on complete health, and a new short (short!) hair cut just in time for summer.

I’ll keep you posted…

One Response to “December 13”

  1. jessamyn Says:

    sorry to hear about all of the new, bummer details, but I know you will still get through this quickly. let us know if there’s anything we can do! xoxo

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