December 15

What I’ve learned so far is that it’s not necessarily the news that is overwhelming but the deluge of decisions that need to be made.  Of course, the news was difficult at times, but the decisions and appointments kept dragging out and that mental energy that went toward thinking about my options became a burden.

So with that said I am happy to report that I have finally come to a place that I don’t have to make any more decisions (at least for awhile).   I had my appointment with my plastic surgeon today and she happily told me that I am a good candidate for immediate reconstruction and so we plan to go ahead with the combined surgeries (mast/recon) on Tuesday, January 6.  I’ll be admitted into the hospital for one night and then I’ll be home recuperating.  And with that set surgery date, my chemotherapy will begin near Jan. 30.

With all of that decided, I am now happily home, buzzing about and working on projects that I have been putting off.  Even though the upcoming surgery and treatments are scary, I’m relieved that the weights (of decisions) have been lifted from my spirit and I’m looking forward to taking care of my entire well being in the next few weeks leading up to my surgery.

One Response to “December 15”

  1. Mom Says:

    Dear Megan…

    The preliminary workup, the big white lights (figuratively) shining down on you with your newly trained medical team, trying hard to to learn for their future patients, but recognizing how difficult your personal moment was, was all a good thing.

    Patients always challenge their Doctors to do more and better. You must have put the challenge out for extraordinary care. They came, they learned, they discussed your medical needs and they no doubt had a clear plan for optimal care. I do you like your funny comment of all of them just being there as only an interest just in your “boob”.

    Sounds as though your procedure, albeit painful, was good for you. and your medical team.

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