Tuesday Surgery

Well, my long awaited second surgery is all set for tomorrow and I look forward to this being behind me soon.  We’ll check into the hospital at 6:30am, surgery at 8:00am and then I’ll stay over for one night.  The surgery is relatively quick; about 45 minutes for each surgeon; General Surgeon and Plastic Surgeon.  I’ve been fielding wonderful calls all day, full of super-duper well-wishes and I feel all of the love and thoughts from all of you.  Each person has asked me how I’m doing, feeling, etc and all I can say is I’m feeling fine; just doing normal everyday things.

What is protocol before surgery anyway?  A hike to a vista point to watch the sunset?  Well, it rained today so I threw in another load of laundry and ate a cookie.  Write in a diary?  I sat at the computer searching for nonsense items on Ebay.   But, what I will do is send up a few more prayers to join yours and I know all will go well.  I’ll be talking to you as soon as I feel up for it!

Taken Dec. 30th at a friend’s wedding.


One Response to “Tuesday Surgery”

  1. jessamyn Says:

    I’m thinking of you and sending you lots and lots of love!! xoxo

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