One Week Celebration

Well I made it through the first week!  Hip-hip-hooray!  With each passing day I’m feeling more energetic and our lives are shifting back into more of a normal pattern again.  Here are some of my experiences and thoughts…

My hospital stay was relatively pleasant as much as it can be expected. I had a gluttony of nurses throughout the 24 hours of stay and the amount of blood pressure checks was laughable.

Mike deserves a hero award for sitting by my side for endless hours, just to be available in case I needed a little bite of jello in between my hours of sleeping.

And since we’re all adults can we discuss an unspoken topic; the bedpan. As I eluded before, the anesthesia made me nauseous so I wasn’t able to get out of bed right away, so with reluctance I requested the dreaded bedpan.  Having never used one, the concept looked frightening, but having not peed for about 10 hours I just didn’t care anymore.

If you’ve never had the pleasure, let me explain the dilemma.  Since we were just wee-toddlers we’ve trained our mind and body to not pee while lying down, especially in a bed.  So when the bedpan was slipped under me I willed myself to pee.  Nothing.  I tried pushing, relaxing, silent encouraging talks to myself, but all efforts were being ignored.   Finally after many minutes of coaxing I finally won over my innate reluctance.  And I peed, and I peed.  Then a new dilemma quickly emerged; how much will the container hold because I don’t sense an end in sight? The mental plea’s went from “please flow” to “please stop”!  It all worked out just fine, but I have to say that it was one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever encountered.

Later on in the middle of the night I graduated to the bedside-commode but that had a downside too.  I’ll keep this story brief.  As I happily peed while sitting upright the nurse decided to take advantage of this moment and change my bedding.  She stripped the bed and then left the room for a few minutes.  I just had to sit on the potty in my thin open backed hospital gown and wait.  And as I waited my nausea mounted so with not an ounce of pride left, I sat on the potty while barfing into a pan. Well enough of all of this potty talk!

My recovery at home has been going well.  I stopped the pain meds relatively quickly and my arm mobility gets better with each day.  I had one 24 hour timeframe that was rough and I’m not sure what was going on.  I felt like I had the highest temperature (although it always registered normal), chills, combined with a throbbing behind the eye headache and then just for fun I had menstrual cramps thrown in.  A couple guesses; one, I wasn’t coming off the hospital morphine very gracefully or two, my hormones were just going into shock with the new changes.  Anyway, the next day I stayed in bed until 2pm and that extra, extra rest really helped.

I had my post-op appointment with my general surgeon yesterday and that was a very happy day!  He took out my drain and removed the bandages and I’m starting to feel human again. Everything looks very good (under all of the circumstances) and I look forward to my foob (fake boob) settling into place in the coming months.  The pathologist confirmed that they got all of the cancer and now I happily correct Mike during conversation when he says, “Megan has breast cancer” and I remind him the operative word now is “HAD”!

More treatments and more doctor visits are in the near future, but for this moment I am relieved to have the cancer physically gone.

My mountain of pillows helps me get perfectly propped so I can sleep semi-upright.  I look forward to graduating from Eric’s bed to my own soon!


A self portrait from this morning.


6 Responses to “One Week Celebration”

  1. mike Says:

    i love you…

  2. jessamyn Says:

    hooray! looking good, and so glad you are already feeling better! xoxo

  3. tracy Says:

    You look cancer free to me! YAHOO!

  4. Gary/Darielle/Ariana Says:

    Excellent! One tough girl. Thanks for sharing your experiences, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again.

  5. Julia Says:

    Great to hear you are good, our love to you.

  6. shannon white Says:

    Hey there hottie!
    You look and sound to be an amazing woman! you look great, I admire your strength! Greg and I send are hearts and prayers to you, hoping to see you guys soon!

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