New Years Resolution

Most of us make news years resolutions and many fall by the wayside right about now, but I have a resolution suggestion that I believe will stick (and not to the tummy or butt).  Vow to do something new each year; stretch yourself out of your comfort zone and your spirit will be uplifted!  The past 2 months have been full of non-voluntary new things for me, but I’m finding that even the bad has been overshadowed by the good!

I bring this up because I stretched myself out of my comfort zone twice this week and I feel that the slight uncertainty I was facing has been replaced by joy ten times over.  Last night I attended my first BC Weekly Women’s Group and I feel that I already have some friendships budding from that, and than today I took part in my first abstract painting class at the Sonoma Community Center.

Both gatherings held different insecurities for me, but surprisingly the art class posed to be an even bigger stretch. As I walked into the class and started taking some price stickers and wrappers off my squeaky new art supplies, I quickly noticed all of the worn art supplies that the women were unloading from their paint splattered bags.  And then they all began greeting each other by first name, and I just stood there trying to be brave in a world that felt unfamiliar. My vulnerability really showed itself when we went around the room to introduce ourselves and as I shared my name and photography background, I teared up by closing that I was currently going through breast cancer treatments and I was very happy to be a part of the class.

My opening statement released my barrier of insecurity and because that barrier was removed, I instantly became approachable – something that I haven’t ever really felt in a new setting.  The old me has always been a bit reserved when meeting new people, a bit quiet, slightly insecure, and I’ve been told that it has been mistaken for conceit; a sad misjudgment.  Well, throughout the rest of the class as we all painted and chatted, women made an effort to welcome me, offer me help and just general sweet conversation.  It was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever felt, and that step in growth would have never happened if I did not try something new.

The last surprise in class today came from the one familiar face that walked in.  Alex Cole, a young hip painter here in town whose work I greatly admire signed up for the class too!  The very person that inspired me to take the class is taking the same class just because the solitude of her painting studio gets lonely sometimes and so she decided to branch out of her familiar world too.

So, here is your assignment.  Think about something that you’d like to add to your life and just do it!  I promise, it will be a great gift to you.

My artwork from today. Our assignment was to pick 3 colors and create base layers using shapes, textures and tools.  Next week we’ll be adding another layer onto of this, so the paintings will be evolving.


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