What Not to Say

Today has been a bit gloomy so I thought I’d interject some (bad) humor from the breast cancer blog that I enjoy reading.  Note:  these comments were NOT made to me; these comments are a part of a thread titled “Dumbest Comments People Have Said”.  Some really made me laugh!  So, here is what NOT to say or do…

Ok…so my dearest Mother-In-Law gave my children a “present” right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a book. A children’s book titled “THE NEXT PLACE.” (the next place being death!)

The BEST (stupid) thing anyone said to me was a friend of mine, upon learning I had to have a mastectomy, said “Well, won’t it grow back?”

I was going in for my radiation simulation. I had about 2 inches of hair at the time, and had just ditched the wig. Someone said to the rad simulation girl – oh I like your hair cut, she turned to me said that she had it cut the day before, and she hated it because she felt like a boy…. OK, I had 2 inches, she had shoulder length hair and felt like a boy…nice thing to say to a cancer patient…

I was leaving the grocery store one night with a baseball cap on my bald head. There was an employee outside (smoking, none the less……kind of ironic) and she said to me,”I wish I had your haircut. It would make my life easier.” I turned around and said,”Keep doing that and you will. I have cancer.”

A woman I work with said “I had a great friend, she had breast cancer, she died”.  Thanks, was that supposed to make me feel good?

Going in for double mastectomy. I am just about to be wheeled away and my Aunt looks at me and says………drum roll please……..”At least you won’t miss them, since you are small chested anyways”. Uuummm Nurse, please get this women out of my direct line of fire….thank you!!!

“You couldn’t have really had cancer if they didn’t give you chemo”.  Really?  And I went and had my breast cut off for nothing, stupid me.

Last week at work I was white as a sheet, drained of every last bit of energy, and crying, and trying to muster up the strength to go home because coming in in the first place was a mistake.  When….my co-worker says to me: “I know how you feel, I woke up at 4:00 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep so I’m really tired today too.”

Right after I got my first DX I was standing outside talking to my neighbor and another neighbor walked by and said, “Oh, I heard the news. Should you be drinking that Coke? Don’t you think that is how you got cancer in the first place?” WHAT???  I still hate that woman.


One Response to “What Not to Say”

  1. Terri Richards Says:

    And there are a lot more where those came from 🙂

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