Radiation to Follow

On Thursday, it was agreed by my doctors that I should undergo radiation treatments after I complete my chemotherapy.  It was disappointing news.  Basically, there is only about 1mm of tissue between the cancer that was removed and my healthy tissue that was left behind.  Close margins.  So to be on the safe side, to make sure no cancer cells escaped into the healthy tissue, they will radiate; likely 5 days a week for 6 weeks.  I still don’t understand why the chemo won’t attack any lingering possibilities, but I just submit the decisions to the experts.  It’s a bummer but it’s better to be extra safe.  I’ll explain more of the radiation process when I cross that bridge…

3 Responses to “Radiation to Follow”

  1. Sharon Bertrand Says:

    Megan, I love hearing your stories of pain and laughter and how you see God’s goodness in it all…its REAL life…

    Its been a while since we’ve been in that space–when our daughter had leukemia…where you learn to live each moment as a gift.

    Thanks for sharing all your thoughts…inspiring, encouraging and a good reminder to cherish each day!

    Many prayers and blessings your way in this journey. I praise God for His almighty hand in this process and for your recognition that All things work together for good for those who love the Lord Jesus!

  2. Colene Mace Says:

    It seems to me that maybe we can help Megan and Mike by offering to be relief drivers for her appointments to and from the radiation treatments. Perhaps we could put together a Google Calendar for Megan’s Big Adventure and we can now be a part of it.

    We are with you in mind, body, and spirit. Have faith and courage, Megan. I know it is tough.

  3. shannon white Says:

    Holly shit meg!!! My heart goes out to you. hang in there through the storm, I know god will give you a rainbow on the other side! You are being thought of and prayed for over here in the White house. Thanks for letting us in to here your updates, you are already touching our lives in an amazing ways. you rock chicky!

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