This Week

This has been the longest week and it’s only Wednesday!


I finally made the dreaded journey to the pharmacy to pick up a small aresenal of medications that I’m to have on hand.  One is a multi-drug-steroid that is used for many ailments, which I’m dreading only because I’ve had it once before in the hospital for nausea.  One of the side effects is “irritability” which is putting it nicely.  My mood was more like “intense, flaming annoyance bordering on fire shooting out of my eyes” and luckily it wore off before I spoke anything I was thinking.  The other three prescriptions are to combat-nausea, which I’ve been told should do the trick; of course who has time to feel sick when the pills make you sleepy!  I barely held it together while the pharmist calmly explained each med.  And then I had a small cry in the car and got on with my day.


I have my BC women’s group every Tuesday night and it was especially helpful last night.  Three of the women have begun their chemo treatments and it was a happy relief to see them participate with energy and smiles.


Today was supposed to be my final post-op appointment with Plastic Surgery, however it was cancelled so I had my consult over the phone instead.  Everything is doing great and I’ve almost graduated from the multitude of bandaids!


A day full of mixed emotions because tomorrow is my big hair cutting party.  I’ve already mentally detached from my hair, so I’m anxious to get it over with, but of course I’m slightly freaking out.  I purchased some new earrings to help me feel a little more girly.  It also helps to have women in my group who have very, very short hair and I never see them differently; they look beautiful so that is very reassuring.


This day I’m dreading.  Chemo begins.  But, I’m ready to get it started because the anticipation is wearing my nerves thin.  I’ve heard that the first few days are a bit rough, but surprisingly most of the women in my group are working through their chemo.  Total rockstars!  They get chemo on a Friday, are sick over the weekend and drag themselves into work on Monday or Tuesday.  I’m happy to report that that will not be me!  I’m reveling in my “me” time.

One Response to “This Week”

  1. shannon white Says:

    I tear up everytime I read your blog!! I don’t have to tell you to be strong because it sounds like you are already awsome at that. I don’t know what to say other than you are an amazing lady and I wish only good and wonderful things for you!! Hang in there chicky! Thinking of you!
    shannon White

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