First Chemo

Well, my first chemo is behind me and now I’m just kind of sitting around waiting to see what will happen.  Side effects can be delayed by as much as a few days so we’ll see…

We started off our day in a perfect sort of way; perused the Sonoma Farmers Market and purchased fresh beets and carrots that we love to steam in our new steamer.  Picked up a few apples that actually have dirt on them!  Imagine that!  Having grown up in an apple orchard, dirt (and sometimes worms) were the norm and the apples were always perfectly crisp and yummy!  It’s a crime to see apples perfect and gleaming in their wax covered shine.  (ok, my tangent for the night).  And then I added some yummy looking homemade tamales to my bag.  We then made our way to marin in the afternoon.

So back to chemo.

It was fairly uneventful as I’ve been warned, with alot of sitting and just watching the IV drip.  I spent my time chatting with Mike, texting and flipping through a magazine.  I had a couple IV bags of stuff before the real deal and it got a little scary when the first chemo drug was started.  I actually watched it go through the tube into my vein and it was a moment I’ll probably always remember.  I closed my eyes and said a prayer.  We were there for about 4 hours, and luckily the other visits will be shorter.

Since this was my first time, we were given a private room (some rooms are shared), but they keep the door open so everybody who walks down the hallway looks in.  During this time, several people who are about to begin chemo were getting a tour of the facility and I always tried to smile as they walked by and looked in at me sitting in the chair.  I remember when Mike and I had our tour and I was completely shellshocked and scared, so I thought if I smiled it wouldn’t look so scary to them.  Mike and I had a big laugh when we joked that I should sit there and cry and moan to really scare them… but I would never do that to someone!

Well, I guess that’s all for now.



One Response to “First Chemo”

  1. suz Says:

    Hey Hun,
    Joe and I got a good chuckle out of the “cry and moan” idea. The new hair due look great! You are in our prayers.
    suz and joe

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