Haircut Photos

My haircut was a fun celebration thanks to Lauren (the fab stylist), Jessamyn (the oober talented photog), my wonderful family; momma Joyce, sister Amanda and my super dear friend Saundra!  And my 1 minute video from my earlier post should be working now, at least it was for me, so be sure to go directly to my blog, scroll down and click play.  It took me at least an hour to get the final cut and took Mike another hour and half to get it posted so needless to say we want you to see it after all of the behind the scenes time!   =)



{The support team}




3 Responses to “Haircut Photos”

  1. jessamyn Says:

    glad the first round of chemo went fine! you’ll have lots more haircut photos to choose from very soon. thanks again for having me along 🙂

  2. shannon white Says:

    its the hair all women wish they could have, no mus no fus! you are beautiful!

  3. Darcy Says:

    Megan, you look great, but it’s not your hair that makes you look great (although that is very cute), but it’s your spirit that radiates thru your eyes and smile. You have an inner beauty that is amazing. You inspire us all.


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