Day 3 of Chemo

Well, so far so good with the chemo!  It’s 3:45pm and I’m kicking it on the couch, watching the Super Bowl and eating chips & nachos.  I was warned that day 3 might be a bit more of a drag and it has been slightly, but nothing too bad; I’ve just been a bit more tired so I had a good nap before the game.  So far it’s been easy – dare I say that!?  So, keep up those great prayers for a healthy next few more days and then I should be over the hump!

{Just about to leave for Church this morning}


5 Responses to “Day 3 of Chemo”

  1. tracy Says:

    Hey…. you looked awesome at church. What a rockstar you are (and the new hairdo adds to the look). Chemo on Friday, church and super bowl parties on Sunday. Only you could do that Meg. We’ll keep those prayers surrounding you!

  2. Leona Says:

    Such a trooper, so proud of your positive attitude!!

  3. Mom Says:

    Dear Megan…

    Please remember that the challenges you face and have been lovingly shared with worldwide streaming to others will make you stronger.
    Love, Mom

  4. Canaan Says:

    You look great Megan….looks like a Banana Republic sweater…similiar to the one I have. Always thinking of you through these touch, challenging times. Keep your strength alive and know you have so many supporters 🙂

  5. Shell Wells Says:

    Look at you ROCKIN your new haircut! You look fabulous! I’m inspired by your strength, willingness, openness and spirit.
    Many prayers and blessings to you

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