Day 6

I knew the moment I published those confident words of “easy” that I would be shown otherwise, and my earlier doubts, “is the chemo really doing anything” has been proven so.  The chemo gave me a giant spanking and I’m slowly coming out of my two day time-out.

Many warned that it would feel like the flu and that pretty much sums it up.  Not the stomach flu luckily, just the tired, achy, glassy-eyed, big pity party kind; where the daily shower would use up the last little bit of energy reserves each day.  And then the next 12 hours would be spent feeling miserably bored, switching between the bed and couch just hoping that a different television set would offer up something more entertaining, but it never did.

And now Mike and I no longer speak the standard measure of time; it has morphed from words such as “Monday” and “Tuesday”, to chemo lingo in which we count the days from the first treatment; Day 4, Day 5, etc.  So for you it might be Wednesday, but for me it is Day 6 and that is exciting, because it is one more day further from the initial treatment, which means one more day toward recuperation.


2 Responses to “Day 6”

  1. Colene Mace Says:

    At least you have us with you everyday because of your blog, whether it is called Thursday or Day 7. I want to thank you for sharing your journey with us. I do know that Day 8 is a special day because it is your birthday. My birthday wish for you is that you will feel good.
    Happy, Happy Birthday Megan. Love, Colene

  2. Jayme and Terri Says:

    You are an amazing person Megan. Don’t waste your energy on a shower. Have Mike go by you a huge bath spa kit from bath and body works and soak in the tub. Save that energy for getting well.

    We love you and miss you

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