Rose Colored Glasses

My positive attitude and smiles have eased many of your concerns, but I also want to show the real side.  To be blunt; it kind of sucks.  I make the best of it all, but it’s still a drag and I thought a photo might help you visualize that it ain’t always rosy.

And many of you have had questions about the chemo so I thought I better explain that too….

  • The chemo is an IV drug given at the hospital 4 times over the next 12 weeks; so I go in once every 3 weeks which means I get a nice rest in between each treatment.  The chemo is a prophylactic measure because they feel they got all of the cancer cells and this is to be extra sure.
  • The chemo attacks any potential bad cells along with the good.  It also damages fast reproducing cells such as hair follicles, the mouth lining, nails, healthy bacteria in the stomach, etc.  The body just cannot reproduce cells faster than the chemo is killing.
  • I battle with instantaneous famine about every four hours because I think my stomach is not absorbing food nutrients normally.
  • Before, during and a few days after chemo I have to take a steroid pill to help counterbalance any fluid retention that the chemo can cause.  The pill also helps with anti-nausea and it is… how shall I say…a poop prohibitor.
  • For the following five days after each chemo treatment I have to have at-home injections with a drug that boosts my white blood cell count.  Mike has stepped up to the challenge like a super-hero and he gives me the shot into a pinch of stomach fat each day.  I make a big-scrunchy-baby face, but it barely hurts.  The worse part about the shot is that the drug makes me achy so I dread the aches that follow.

And now to my photo.  On the left side of the photo are the items I have to give up for a short time and the items on the right have become my new norm.  (I still have hair, but I suspect it will be going in the next couple of weeks)


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