My New Email Signature

With the invention of email came the cute keyboard characters;


{the sideways smiley face}

( ‘.’ )    {the bunny}

and then there’s mine…

(  )(o)

This is probably too much information, but it’s real life and and I think it’s kind of funny…I have a nice new fake boob but the nipple area had to go, so now I have a permanent wink!

4 Responses to “My New Email Signature”

  1. Saundra Says:

    Very appropriate that it is pink! Too cute! 🙂

  2. Allyson Says:

    Oh, my goodness! Megan, you are too funny! I appreciate your sense of humor and just want to encourage you to keep it up. I know what you are going through is very difficult and sometimes it’s pretty hard to find something to laugh about when you are in the middle of a hard time. You are a beautiful womand and you have an amazing spirit. Thank you for being so open and for sharing your journey!

    You are in my thoughts and prayers! Big hugs!


  3. Anonymous Says:

    They say laughter is the best medicine…well I’m LMAO 😉

  4. M. M. Says:

    That’s cute and funny (:

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