“For better or for worse” has had so many meanings lately.  Sitting on the kitchen stool having my hair buzzed by Mike isn’t what I envisioned “worse” would be when I said my vows 9/12 years ago.  Actually “worse” isn’t the best descriptive word.  Actually “worse” was yesterday when my cold was still beating me up and I sat in front of the fire sipping tea and crying as clumps of hair came out every time I touched my head.  All of my sadness was compounded by the cloud of Valentine’s Day hanging over my head; the day for love &  romance and I felt so defeated.  So, having my head shaved this morning was actually a better day than yesterday.

And all of a sudden I have the urge to watch Alien 3 or maybe G.I. Jane…

alien III 1moviebody-gijane

{the back of my new scrubby head as I type this blog post}


2 Responses to “Bzzzzz”

  1. Colene Mace Says:

    Toughness doesn’t have to come from being able to do one arm push-ups or battle aliens. You are showing me a new brand of toughness that makes me proud to be a woman. Your toughness is soft and feminine. Your writing makes me laugh, then cry, in the face of the most incredibly difficult situation that I can imagine. You are doing the difficult task and aceing it like a champion. You are my hero.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    One of the clubs is sellin t-shirts at Meredith (my college). They say “Fight like a girl” in pink with the ribbon for the letter L. I think you fit the profile 😉

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