Ding, Ding, Ding — Round 2!

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to Round 2!!  It’s going to be a good fight today, I can promise you that!

In this corner we have the two-faced, dreaded drug “Comanchee Chemo”!  He’s very sneaky, with a big reputation on pulverizing cancer cells with one swoop which is awesome, but watch out because he likes to take cheep shots on his opponent when the refs aren’t looking.  But despite his good & evil ways, his opponent in the other corner is even stronger so this should be a monumental fight!  “MonaVie Megan” might be new to the circuit but she’s one tough broad and she’s brought in the BIG guns to fight back!  For starters, she has a strong team beside her with her ring coach Mike by her side every moment.  And we have a sold-out arena here today with an unprecedented crowd who all appear to be rooting for Megan.  It’s just nuts here today!  The energy is intense and the cheering is deafening!  Local friends and family have flooded in early to get good seats, and I’ve even heard that she has fans who drove in from Oregon and Washington and some who flew in as far as Utah, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida & even Vermont!  It’s just unprecedented folks!!

And let me state that we can hardly call this a fair fight, because I’ve heard she’s been Jacked on the Juice for over a year; she’s such a fan that her license plate even says “Juic Grl”!!  We’ve checked with our judges and they confirmed that the powerful antioxidant juice MonaVie might seem like an unfair advantage but the ingredients meet all the rules.

Oh my… what…no way… Ok, sorry for that interruption, but you aren’t going to believe this!!!  This news just came in!  It’s been a tad hush and only rumored until now, but we have officially confirmed that Megan brought in her long-time friend and now Manager, the very best in the world, the Trinity of Might, the Holy Spirit Himself… God!!!   Well, folks, as a commentator I’m supposed to be partial, but I can already tell you that this 130 pound, bald headed, one nippled gal is gonna do some ass-whooping today and I suspect the chemo-beating is gonna last a good 7 days!!!  We’ll keep you posted round by round…


3 Responses to “Ding, Ding, Ding — Round 2!”

  1. Mom Says:

    You’re one bad-ass babe. The big “C” is quivering in the corner ring knowing another punch is coming as soon as it is stands up to mighty Megan.

    Love, Mom

  2. Heather Says:

    All right Megan! Team Monavie is behind you all the way!! Keep punching away!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Semper Fi!…Oh wait that’s the other Mike. You put Marines to shame with your strength and determination.

    GO MEGAN! GO GO GO MEGAN!!!!! (you’ll have to imagine the poms)

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