Lucy the Wig

Here’s my second wig Lucy!  I feel the need to add a disclaimer…  it’s actually very cute and it’s kind of swishy with movement, yet the photo does not do it justice!!  Mike patiently snapped photo after photo trying to appease my vain comments, “That isn’t how the wig looks, it looks much cuter than that!  Please take another photo.”  But finally I had to settle for what I felt was a ho-hum photo (with no fault to the photographer).


6 Responses to “Lucy the Wig”

  1. shell wells Says:

    Looks natural to me!! I always tease my husband that I’ll lose my hair before him. I’m totaly thinning on top in front. (fairly self conscious about it) of course I totaly notice it. I purposely part my hair to cover it. anyway, my point? yes, I have one lol. I keep telling him when it gets too thin I’m going to get different colored wis and it will keep things spicy because he’ll never know who he’s coming home too…a blonde? red head?brunette? I have to joke since its probably inevitable! (its lookin thin) eek!
    much love to you. ya sexy beast!!! work it!!!! xoxoxo

  2. tracy Says:

    I love Lucy! She is so cute and I can sense her sassiness! Keep fighting my friend, you are an inspiration to us all!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    So, I get to borrow one on a bad hair day, right? Speaking of hair, I still need to send you a picture. My hair is a little longer than yours was when you had the pixie cut, which BYW looked very cute.

  4. Canaan Says:

    Meg, I don’t look at your wig or hair….I look at the beautiful smile U have. AMAZING!!!! Keep loving what you’re doing and be strong everyday. Cancer….Schmancer!!! U kick that guy name Cancer. Work it!!!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Was church the first night out with it? I thought it was very cute! So good to see ya, please come again! But if its Sat. night church feel free to come in your sweats, we are laid back christians! HA!

  6. jessamyn Says:

    I hope we get to meet “her” tomorrow! : )

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