Show & Tell Friday

I thought I’d post a little something fun for Friday!

First is (a photo of) my framed painting that I will be showing off at my first artist exhibit at the Sonoma Community Center in March.  Ok, so maybe I should clarify… it’s not just my work at the exhibit, but the work of all of the student artists.  None the less, it’s still exciting!

Second are my cute dish towels that I crafted into pillows.  My sister Amanda gave me these fantastically adorable Anthropologie towels for my birthday, and I’m sorry but I cannot wipe my hands on something so beautiful, so I took the towels and stitched them onto a pillow form; this way I can enjoy them free of grunge for years and years.

My last show & tell should come with a warning.  Moo products are incredibly addicting!  So with that said, here’s my newest acquisition, my cute-as-a-button mini Moo cards which have my BC blog info on them!  The images on the cards are my photos, all 100 of them.  When designing Moo cards, you can upload as little as one image and have it repeat, or do as I did and choose 100 images so each card is different.   The cards are surprisingly inexpensive ($20/100), easy to order, and as a bonus just to make you feel a bit worldly, they are made in London.

{“The Mermaid’s Dress”}


{The Pillows}


{My Moo Cards}


4 Responses to “Show & Tell Friday”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Your artwork is beautiful! I love it! Did you layer paper or use encaustic to make the mermaid dress? I will bet that was a really fun class that you took. And the pillows are very cute too.

    Moo cards are fun… I am very impressed that you did all 100 with different photos. That is a lot of work in itself just to upload those photos! I would like to have a 1st edition Moo Card from Megan, preferably one with your autograph so I can sell it at auction when you become a famous artist. Can you bring some to church to share?

    Thinking of you often!
    – Darcy

  2. Melba Newman Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. I cannot wait to get the moo cards and your towels are great. What talent you have. Did I forget to say your artwork also?

  3. Melissa Says:

    I love, love, love the pillows! I wouldn’t have been able to use them to dry dishes, either.

  4. M. M. Says:

    Wow… I love the pillows and the painting, too…
    About the Moo cards… I read the description twice… I still didn’t get it ):

    English is NOT my mother tongue 😛

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