Chugging Along

I’ve been quiet for good reason. I’ve been chugging along, feeling healthy, with the only exception are my midday rests/naps that I try to work into my day, but otherwise I’m very thankful for having a healthy two weeks free of any germs or issues.

Today’s sunshine finally allowed me a chance to get in a good walk; we walked 3 miles on the bike path here in town.  It felt great, although it did take a bit out of me and my afternoon rest turned into 3 hours on the couch, sleeping off and on, but it was worth it.  It’s odd to fatigue so easy.  I always feel like a wimp, but on the flip side I try to give myself some grace because I know my body is healing.

This image has nothing to do with anything recent; I just love it.  The photo was taken (self-timer) in 2007 at these amazing sandstone bluffs at Salt Point.  If you ever want to get away, I highly recommend the camping at Salt Point!  It’s only 2 hours from the Bay Area, but it feels a world away.



One Response to “Chugging Along”

  1. Terri Says:

    I see Mike is wearing shorts…Jayme does that too. It could be 20 degress outside and he would be in shorts 😉

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