3 Down, 1 To Go

Well, I had my third infusion on Thursday and for the most part it was a typical day thanks in part to my new premedication. There was no excitement like last time; just a dopey Benadryl haze which I fought back by playing 3 hours of mindless Bubble Breaker on my phone.  And the only slight snafu was in the beginning when my nurse struggled to start my IV, which I have to take the blame because I didn’t hydrate as much as I did the other times, so instead of one needle stick, lucky number three was the magic number for her to finally hit a good vein.   But I have to give the nurses credit for being so good at what they do because even though it’s this crazy needle/tube thing, there’s very little discomfort; just an aftermath of some slight green-blue bruises up and down my arm which could be temporarily mistaken for a heroin addict’s arm.

After Thursday was over I shuffled around for as long as I could and then I finally parked my behind on the couch Saturday morning and I haven’t moved much since. The deep fatigue is so profound that any effort to sitting upright slowly creeps into a bit of a lean, which than morphs back into my body being horizontal on the couch.  The lack of motivation is immense.  This phase feels like an eternity, but I know it’s just one of the stages I have to get through.  And the good news is, each passing day becomes just a little bit sweeter knowing that I only have one more round to endure!

My view for the last 3 days


2 Responses to “3 Down, 1 To Go”

  1. Renee Aniasco Row Says:

    You are truly an inspiration to me. Although I have not talked to you in so many years, I know that I am very, very lucky to have just this little bit of you. You are beautiful up one side and down the other!

  2. Terri Says:

    You make my days of kids and classes look really easy.

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