Let us all take a moment to do a little happy dance because the last chemo is behind me! As you read this at your computer of choice, tap the keyboard to a snappy beat, swivel in your chair and wiggle your arms over your head because having this treatment completed is a victory for all of us!

The side effects of the last chemo were pretty much like the other three; some aspects were a little worse, some better. I was able to enjoy tap water this time, but the chemical accumulation started stock piling in my body and the physical fatigue was astounding. I pretty much spent Saturday-Tuesday on the couch. Day and night blurred together with little differentiating qualities. Daytime was spent curled up on the couch with me laying on my left side, snugly tucked under a big blanket with the tv remote in my hand and a ridiculous array of beverages neatly placed in a row, all trying to appease my fickle pallet; water, apple with prune juice and grapefruit juice. The evening was nearly identical with an ever slight change; same big blanket and scrunched up down pillow but now my back faced the exhausted television which was probably grateful for some “shut-eye” as well, all the while my dreams would take me to weird toxic induced places.

My resting heart worked hard just to pump to my extremities and walking to the refrigerator made it thump as if I just climbed a flight of stairs. For a couple days my legs were so weak I literally stood in the shower with my winter-white knees slightly bent like a little old lady and my calf muscles would begin to burn just from standing. Not from repetitive squats with a sadistic personal trainer or a mountainous stage in the Tour de France, they would burn just from standing!! Luckily the ridiculousness was quickly replaced with compounding endurance each day and now with those Old Mother Hubbard shower moments just a few days passed, I was able to walk a decently paced 3 mile walk today, and with no nap needed afterward thank you very much!

If you need to find me in the coming weeks check the bathroom first because I’ll most likely be there standing quietly with my hand-held magnifying mirror looking for promising sprouts of hair fighting to make a comeback.  Oh how I look forward to that day!!


One Response to “Chemo-Schmeno!”

  1. Colene Mace Says:

    You are going to be my hero for a long time, Megan, because through your words, I now know what it is like to go through chemo. You are truly deserving of an olympic medal. I’d say you scored a knock-out against Chemo-Man. Way to go.

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