2,000 Units of Love

Even though I was continually reassured by many that I could do it, I still had doubts that little ‘ol me could raise $2,000 for my Avon walk, but I am so proud to say, thanks to so many friends and family, I have reached my goal!!

If you’ve been meaning to donate but just haven’t gotten around to it, I’m still rallying for support, but this time I’m asking for donations for my dear friend Saundra who has happily committed to being my walking buddy.  I couldn’t do this daily training and big walk without some physical support so I’m thankful she will be by my side every step of the way.  So donating to her is directly supporting me!  Here’s her donation link or you can contact me if you want to send a check.

And just because you won’t be walking beside me doesn’t mean you can’t be there in spirit because as I promised, I’m bringing all of my supporters along with me in a unique way, with their names written on a bright pink scarf. I’m adding names daily and I’d love to add your name to the team!  I have to say, that sometimes I won’t give any money because I’m embarrassed of the small amount I have to offer, but all money adds up and I’m so grateful whether it is $10 or $200.  So be a part of something big, be a part of the walking team and get your name on the scarf!!

avon-walk-scarf(note:  many names have been added since this photo was taken)


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