De Plane, De Plane!

It’s official… I now have four little tattoos!


Ha, I think that’s so funny!!  And if you don’t get the joke than you were probably born in the 80’s or later and I don’t have the energy (in my old 1971 age) to explain the joke.

Ok, in all seriousness, I had my “dry run” radiation appointment today so everything is set for my first appointment on May 4th.  First, I changed into my unisex “waist up, open in the front” hospital gown which I’d like to add has two ties on the front which do absolutely nothing to hide the naked bits underneath.  So all of us male and female patients are walking around from the radiation room to the changing rooms wearing this slightly uncomfortable half smile with our hands clutching the gown while simultaneously crossing our arms over our chest.  I mean really, has no one thought of a gown with a zipper or snaps!?  I’m not going to go through this gown fidgeting nonsense for six weeks, so I’ve already found an old sash-like scarf that I’ll keep on hand so I can tie my gown up nice and tight.

Next, I was ushered into the radiation room which is different than the CAT scan room and I got situated onto the table into my custom form which is used to keep me perfectly still and in place.  The two technicians spoke foreign radiation gibberish, used their sharpie markers to make ink marks all over my chest, took measurements to the mm with a special ruler and then snapped images of my breast with a digital camera.  At one point the camera concerned me a little, but I quickly dismissed the paranoia because I realized it’s highly unlikely that he would be secretly uploading the shots to a mastectomy/scar fetish website for a small profit.

After all of this, he dabbed a little ink onto each of the four designated areas, got out a sterile needle, and within a few minutes I had officially received my first tattoo.  Kind of unceremonious and frankly if I pointed out the tiny dots out to you, you’d have to squint, look closer, and say “oh yea, I can kind of see it now”.

{If they allow me, I’ll get an actual image of the room at my next appointment. In the meantime, here’s a close replica of my experience.}


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