Walk, Walk and More Walk

Walking has been on my mind lately and clearly it was for these musicians too.  Johnny Cash Walked the Line, Frankie Vallie Walked Like a Man, Run DMC Walked This Way, Marc Cohn likes to Walk in Memphis and The Police are Walking in Your Footsteps.  And for me, I’m just plain ‘ol walking.

The slightly sadistic Training Plan from Page 45 of my Avon Walk booklet has been torn out and it sits on my desk within an arms reach so I can plan each day around my walking schedule, which I’d like to add needs the time equivalent of a part time job.  I just completed week 2 of training and logged 31.5 miles in 10 days!  Not too shabby!  And on that note I’d like to say thank you again because, I’ve exceeded my $2,000 Avon walking goal, and Saundra is getting closer to her goal each day; as I type this she’s only $405 away from her goal!

Well, enough chatting, I have to lace up my shoes and head out.  There’s more walking that needs to be done!

One Response to “Walk, Walk and More Walk”

  1. Nancy B Says:

    Don’t forget “Walk Like an Egyptian”!!! Long live the 80s!!!

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