Elephant Hair

Things are brewing under my wig/scarf/hat, but nothing to get too excited over yet.  My fuzz is growing but I’ve got plenty of time before I’m ready to go “bare” around town.  As I’ve studied my sprout-filled head, the reflection in the mirror kept reminding me of something and I finally realized what it was… my hair (I use that term loosely)  kind of resembles baby elephant hair!   Although, the elephant gets more credit than I do at this point because his hair is a little thicker and longer (or should I say taller) than mine, and it looks like he could use a good dose of the sesame oil that I use every morning to smooth my hair down flat.

Oh well, at least something is happening!

On a side note:  The baby elephant in this photo is only 8 days old and he so cute I can hardly stand it!  I want a real baby elephant, pretty please, I promise to take care of him and pick up after him, and I have plenty of room in the backyard, so please, please, please can I get one?!


One Response to “Elephant Hair”

  1. nancy b Says:

    You absolutely can have a baby elephant! I’m sure I can find one on Ebay for you!

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