What are the Odds?

Let me paint the scene for you.

It’s Saturday night, you’re at a birthday party and the house is filled with smiling faces, most of whom are long time friends, a few are family members and then there are a couple new faces who you have just been introduced to.  Food, drinks, laughter.  The men are clustered in one area and the women are yapping away in another.  It’s your usual party.

The women somehow get onto the topic of breast implants and then the subject takes a quick right turn towards funny and the question is raised at how one could get a discounted augmentation.  Laughter and banter bounce back and forth; “You could get just one boob done and get the other done when you have the rest of the money.”  Everyone laughs.  So, I ask you, what are the odds that the nice woman with the blonde hair sitting off to the side with a smile, the one who has been engaged in conversation all night, what are the odds that she is sitting there with only one fake boob with plans to get the other one done later this year?

The conversation continues around the room as another injects with an idea; “I know, you could pay to have your boobs done but not get nipples!”  Laughter erupts among the group.  “You’d be like Barbie with no nipples!  How strange would that look!”  So, I ask you the question again, what are the odds that the same nice blonde who you just met, who is still smiling, is sitting there with one fake boob and has no nipple?

You can probably guess which one I was at last night’s party.  Honestly, it was a funny conversation and if I could have thought of something witty to interject I would have, but all I could think of was that the only gal that knew me in this gaggle of girls was probably sinking with horror and sending intense “shut up” vibes to her friends who had no idea of my situation.  I didn’t take any offense.  It wasn’t directed at me or BC survivors.

But I’ll ask this one last time; what are the odds?  I’m guessing pretty darn good, most likely in your favor, like 100,000 to 1 at least.

Just not last night.

2 Responses to “What are the Odds?”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Yep! That is a rare momment. This is a good reminder to always be cautious about what is said out loud. You never know who’s feelings might be hurt. Good for you for not taking offense. But I have to admit, that when women make “get new boobs jokes”, it is not always as simple as that right after a mastectomy.

  2. Julie Says:

    Life is crazy like that. No one really knows just what someone else may be going through. Your feelings must be so raw at this point. You did great not to break down in tears and run out of the room. Hang in there, Megan!

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