The Human Race

A quick walking update…

Today Mike and I walked in the Human Race, which is a light-hearted 10k that meanders through Howarth Park and Spring Lake.  However we are now practically professional walkers, so we scoffed at the thought of a mere 10k, we turned our noses to the feeble mortals around us, and as we neared the finish line, we took a quick detour and repeated a modified version of the same route to add another 3.5 miles to meet my recommended training distance for today.  Our added mileage meant we returned to the finish line and bevy of fun booths at the precise moment when all of the fun freebie pens and catchy brochures were all packed away, so we took our pompous selves to scrounge for a souvenir t-shirt in the back of a Uhaul van and then we hobbled to our truck, where I promptly took an Advil to ease my seizing muscles.  Ok, so perhaps I’m not the walking goddess I envisioned just quite yet.

Mike was going to snap a picture of me at the finish line, but I completely forgot, so all I have to share is this snapshot I took in one of the ladies restrooms at the park.  Let me just say I’ve never peed so fast in my life!


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