Strike A Pose

Over time I’ve become quite comfortable with my bald-beautiness, walking around the house thinking nothing of it.  You can even spot me on occasion in a restaurant or grocery store with just my bandanna and baseball cap while the safety of my wig stays at home.  I feel totally normal bee-bopping around until I notice someone giving me a second glance and then I remember that my look is a bit out of the norm.

But with all of that said, my comfort is being tested by unveiling myself to those of you outside the safety of my walls; the safety of my husband who kisses my bald head every day and confesses that he’s going to miss it when its gone because it’s “so cute”.

The premise of the photo shoot is fairly simple.  I wanted to feel beautiful, yet the clothing and location needed to evoke some of the more difficult adjectives that I’ve felt in the last few months; barren, cold and desolate.  The story will then continue in a year or so, with another photo shoot at an opposing location, with a full head of hair and adjectives that will tell the story of perseverance, vitality and victory.

Giving a pose other than a camera-facing-smile was difficult, so I channeled every last bit of America’s Next Top Model that I’ve viewed while plopped on my couch, then paired it with Doug’s creative direction and before we knew it, we had our selves some beautiful photos.





Lastly, many heart-felt thanks once again to Douglas Thompson, who helped bring this idea to life!

6 Responses to “Strike A Pose”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Absolutely stunning! great pics.

  2. Julie Says:

    Wow … these are truly breathtaking. Incredible.

  3. Kate Says:

    Gorgeous. The pic with you seated, moody sky brooding is Vogue-worthy. Are you sure you even WANT your hair back?

  4. Jenny Says:

    These pictures are amazing. They are so filled with expression and beauty. I can see these being award winning pictures. You should submit them to a local art show, county fair or turn them into postcard size notes and have them sitting in oncologist lobby’s, chemo rooms with a note saying, “Beauty lies within”.

    Or, “Cancer’s Journey can be seen as… a stormy day, cloudy waters, a solitude momment in life, a view with beautiful mountains in the distance uncertain of the path but knowing reaching the destination will be majestic”.

    Or “A vigouros swim in the lake but knowing there is a beautiful shoreline awaiting on the other side”.

    I know you are the creative writer, I bet you have better ideas and thoughts that mirror these pictures. But they are so wonderful, I think they should be published and shared!

  5. Shell Says:

    Wow! You know i just saw these pictures. They don’t come up on my blackberry where I read most of your blogs.
    You look beautiful, whole, peaceful, angelic, magnificent. I’m in awe. You are so brave and completely raw and un sensored in your writting. I so appreciate you sharing this with us all.
    Love you!

  6. Terri Says:


    I just saw these today. They are incredible. Send the black and white image of you kneeling to the Breast Cancer Society’s MArketing Department….PLEASE! I am willing to bet we will see you all over the place.


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