Reporting for Duty

Today marked a small milestone, minute in the grand scheme of life, but still an important step for me.  Thanks to the constant reassurance from Mike and the compliments from so many of you after I posted my recent photos, I decided that today’s outfit didn’t need an extra scarf, hat or wig so I embarked on my daily trip to Rohnert Park with just me, myself and I, giving Lucy and Norma the day off to lounge around on their wig stands.

The finishing touch to today’s outfit was my favorite new necklace, it paired perfectly with my crisp white tee.  I stood in the mirror smiling, mostly trying to convince myself to just go for it today!  But my necklace kept distracting me, and after multiple glances into the mirror, I realized the cute necklace did not quite go with my fuzzy, nearly bald head.  You see, the necklace chain is the same style of chain that is used for military dog-tags.  The chain paired with my white head made me look like I was ready to report for duty; not quite the look I was going for.  Off went the necklace and on went very small hoop earrings instead.  Much better.

Military looking necklaces aren’t the only culprit which can turn my look into a half attempt of a Halloween costume.  I also have to be careful with hoop earrings, because if paired with my typical bandanna than I quickly look like an extra from Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Well I survived my outing in public!  Of course I use the word public lightly because I only drove straight to the radiation center and everyone there is used to seeing men and women bald.  No one batted an eye and I know that’s what I needed for my “first time”.  As I made my way back home I was careful not to look at the cars idling to my left or right when I was stopped at an intersection, and when I remembered a couple items I planned to pick up at the store, I convinced myself that the trip could wait another day.  I’m just not quite ready for that next step yet.

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