A Spectator Sport

After logging a cool 175 miles of walking in these past 11 weeks (and I’m not done yet), combined with hours upon hours of prepping for this day, I’m excited to say that my big walk is in sight and will be here next weekend!  Saundra and I will be heading down to San Francisco next Friday afternoon to preregister and then early to bed in our hotel room for the 7am start on Saturday.

The walk organizers encourage friends and family to cheer us on, and they have offered up some handy spots for spectators.  I suspect that 2 hours of waiting for 1 minute of fanfare is how it will happen, but none the less we’d love to see some familiar faces hooting and hollering!  Here’s a handy guide with some recommended spots for both Saturday and Sunday.

To gauge your time vs. my time, I can tell you that I start off at about a 15 minute mile and then as the day goes on with aches and potty breaks it can stretch to 20+ minutes a mile.  So if you’re camped out at mile 15.8 in Mill Valley on Saturday, I’m guessing that you’ll see me near the noon hour, so I’d plan on being there from 11:15-1:15.  A shorter window than what the schedule recommends; however keep in mind that with over 3,000 walkers there will be at least 6,000 fans cheering all over the Bay Area.  So plan on congested parking and you’ll probably get some good walking in too!

p.s.  Drop me an email if you want this information in an email/PDF form.


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