Tid Bits


It’s been 3+ months since my last infusion and my hair is slowly growing.  I’ve officially ditched the wigs and will be donating them to the American Cancer Society today.  The Society cleans the wigs up and then offers them to cancer patients free of charge, so I feel good about passing along a little something that helped me.  Here’s a picture from last week.  I still haven’t had a haircut – I just smooth the uneven hairs down and they blend in well.



My clothes are set out and I’m almost ready for the big Avon Walk this weekend!  Saundra and I will be driven into SF tomorrow afternoon and dropped off at our hotel in Union Square.   We’ll get registered, situated, walk around a bit and then go to be early since our alarm will be jingling near the 4am hour!  We stay in the hotel for one night and then Saturday night we’ll be camped out with 3,000 other walkers at Crissy Field.  I’m very excited!

2 Responses to “Tid Bits”

  1. Colene Mace Says:

    You look marvelous, Dahling!
    Drink lots of fluids; I like Cliff Shot Blocks for a little feeling that I am getting a carbo infusion, too. Can you take some ibuprofen or something to help your sore muscles relax tonite? You might want to take something because you will need your beauty rest and a full load of energy tomorrow.
    You go, girl! I will be there beside you in spirit as will all of your friends and family.

  2. tracy Says:

    You go girl! We are rooting for you!

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