How are those withdrawls?

If the Megan-Blog-Withdrawals are getting bad and you want the twitching-shakes and nervous-ticks to stop, I suggest you come visit me on my other blog; my photography blog.  It’s not as witty and jaded as this, but it has lots of pretty photos and you can see what I’ve been up to since I said goodbye to my cancer treatments once and for all.

So, click on the above link, sign up for the email updates or RSS feed and be one of the cool ones!  At the very least, next time you’re at a cocktail party, you can brag to a tipsy party-goer that you follow a few blogs to keep up with world events (Sonoma is part of the world so it’s not that much of a stretch) and that someday RSS will be so passé.  You can say this even if you don’t know what it means because the other person won’t know either and it will make you look really smart.


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