Hey, Batter, Batter, Batter!

Using the term “perk” might not be the choicest word, however I take advantage of as many of the “had cancer perks” whenever I can, and last night was a great example!

For the last eleven years The Oakland A’s have honored breast cancer survivors by hosting a special game day, which included a pre-game snack fest, a raffle, a commemorative pink A’s jersey, a pink pashmina with a rhinestone A’s logo and two free tickets for the game.  Oh yea, and the grand poo-bah of it all was that the survivors got to walk onto the field for a special recognition ceremony!  It was AWESOME, not so much for the recognition, but for the opportunity to walk onto the field!!  I was with a small group of gals that I met through Young Survival Coalition and we were like little school girls, snickering and waving at the players warming up for the game right next to us.

Here we are in the breezeway waiting to go onto the field.

a's waiting

On the field.

a's field

We formed a giant pink ribbon.

a's on field

me on field

a's players

Here we are in our seats after the opening ceremony.

us at a's _2

us at a's

And then if all of it wasn’t enough, the A’s spokeswoman came over to our group and asked if she could do a live interview with us, discussing a texting promo they wanted to highlight on the big megatron tv-thing.  Mike got a quick snap of her and the cameraman as they were interviewing the gal in front of us before we went on camera and had our small speaking part.

a's on camera

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