One Year Ago…

It was exactly one year ago today, September 30, 2008 that I experienced a full-fledged miracle, and God literally saved my life!

At the time, the morning appeared to be like any other morning, yet it took me many weeks of reflection to realize the significance of what I had experienced and how the chain of events all came together so amazingly.  Mike awoke panicked that he had felt a lump in my breast while we slept, a lump that we later learned was 100% physically impossible for him to have felt; a tiny lump smaller than a pea buried deep under tissue; a lump that my OB/GYN doctor pretty much discounted (but still ran a test); a lump that the mammogram could not detect because it was too close to my ribs; a lump that made every surgeon, radiologist and oncologist shake their heads in disbelief that it could have been detected; a lump that would have gone unnoticed for several more years…precious life-saving years.

Before this, I believed in God.  Kind of.  I really, really wanted to but I’m human and it’s difficult to believe in something that you cannot see or touch, especially since I wasn’t raised with any spirituality and my faith is somewhat new.  And besides there are hundred of weirdos out there misrepresenting Him and screwing it all up; turning religion into a greedy business, twisting words into false ideology and enforcing ridiculous rituals.  That’s all hooey!  It’s just a simple, loving relationship that is to be honored.

Yet despite Mike’s certainty that he felt a lump, he agrees that it was impossible, and we both believe that God placed this detection on Mike’s heart and mind.  It’s the only explanation.  I also believe that healing miracles happen on a daily basis, so I’ve asked myself, if God can “tell” Mike about my cancer, why didn’t He just make it go away.  I’ve thought about this a lot and have concluded that He wanted me to experience this struggle, to make me stronger, wiser and perhaps so that I could share my experiences with others.  I feel honored.

I’ve been wanting to share this story with you for two important reasons.  1) I know many of my blog followers are not believers in God, and I’m personally asking you to give Him serious thought because He has been an amazing addition to my life.  It’s ok to relinquish a little.  It’s ok to believe in something that might be unexplainable.  2) Despite my detection being of the divine nature, I still did somewhat regular self exams and this was a key part in me following through with Mike’s concern.  After his insistence, I poked and prodded for a couple days and I did feel something that I had not felt before, so my conviction along with all of the other chain of events pushed my tests through until they had a conclusive result.  So the lesson here is, believe in God because He is good and feel your boobies on a regular basis!!

And while you’re at it, have your teeth cleaned every 6 months, do all of those annual exams you’re supposed to and just take good care of yourself!  You have your car maintained and your house repaired…well your body is that much more complex and it needs quality nourishment and tuneups just like everything else.  That’s all I have to say about that so I’ll step off my soapbox now.


One Response to “One Year Ago…”

  1. Melba Newman Says:

    Thank you and Mike for all you shared with us, your sorrows and your joys. Yes, god is good and we are so happy for your outcome.

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