Look Who’s Getting Fancy

I have two exciting items to share with you.

1) With October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, my email inbox has grown busier lately with people reaching out to me either with a friend just diagnosed or a diagnosis for themselves and it pulls on my heart strings every time, so I decided it was time to step up my blog a notch and give it a better web address so it’s easier to share and possibly help others.  So now when you want to tell a friend about my blog you can tell them to go to http://www.megansbigadventure.com.  For those paying attention, the wordpress portion has been omitted from the address, but it still takes you to the same spot.  I told you… I was getting fancy!

2) And now for my big news which I’ve been waiting to tell you, but had to take care of all of the official business first…I have teamed up with Pink Initiative, an amazing organization filled with wedding professionals who are joining forces with local and national organizations to make a difference in the cancer community.  Pink Initiative came to my attention through ThinkSplendid.com (a blog that I read regularly) and I thought it was an interesting cause so I sent the founder a quick email with my well-wishes.

After a couple of wonderful conversations over the phone (she’s in Maine), I was invited to take their last lone seat on the Board of Directors!  It’s a great honor for many reasons!  1) I feel I can give a fresh perspective because of my previous diagnosis, 2) I have a very large extended family in the wedding industry so I know I can help spread the word on the West Coast and 3) The other board members are talented professionals all with successful backgrounds, so it’s immensely flattering to be aligned with such stellar people who are stepping out and making a difference.

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5 Responses to “Look Who’s Getting Fancy”

  1. pinkin Says:

    So happy our paths have crossed, Megan!

  2. Stefanie Says:

    that is exciting news Megan 😉

  3. emilie inc. Says:

    You told me to snuggle up with some tea and read through your blog when I had a snow day. Well, today I had a sick day from work and did just that.

    I am so proud to have met you and am so grateful you have shared your story with me, and everyone else who might come across this blog. I love that you had it printed by Blurb. That you donated your wigs to help other women. That you completed the breast cancer walk. That you took photos in your radiation room. And on and on. This was educational, funny and sad, and above all, inspiring.

    BIG HUGS from Maine. xoxoxo

  4. Jayme and Terri Says:

    Very Cool! Congrats!

  5. Canaan + Paul Says:

    Keep up the great awareness and positive attitude. We are so proud of you Meg.

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