The Best Bras!

I’m speaking just to the ladies today so men you can stop reading now…

a) for those who have had lumpectomy and mastectomy surgery you will really love this bra!!  The fabric, the wide band and the very important removable pad/cutlet pockets make this a great bra and very comfortable fit, and for a bonus it can be switched into a racer-back style!!

b) and for those who are just looking for a great everyday no-underwire bra, I highly recommend picking up at least one to give it a try!

Coobie Intimates

And while we’re on the topic, here’s another no-underwire favorite of mine that also has removable pad pockets.  Elita “Innocence”.  Can be found at

One Response to “The Best Bras!”

  1. Cindy Says:

    Megan~ remember me? These bras are great, the only thing is I think I would loved to have them in size larger. But I love them, going through rads again, You couldn’t have found these bras at a better time. Thanks ♥♥♥

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