The Photo Shoot | Part 2

Just over a year ago my photographer friend Douglas Thompson and I embarked on a wild photo shoot, documenting my time as a bald woman, conveying all of the emotions that went along with that time; desolate, barren, cold. It was always our intention to “bookend” those photos with another set of photos on the flip side; healed, vitality, victorious!  I’m happy to share with you the part 2 of the images, that were recently completed.

HERE is part 1.

And here is part 2…

7 Responses to “The Photo Shoot | Part 2”

  1. emilie inc. Says:


  2. mike Says:

    in love with you…

  3. Suz Says:

    beautiful. brings happy tears to my eyes!

  4. Julie Says:

    Beautiful, Megan!!

  5. saundra Says:

    wow . . . .

  6. jessamyn harris Says:

    love it!! and love the hair do 🙂

  7. Melba Says:


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