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What Do You Say?

October 21, 2008

Mike and I have made dozens of phone calls in the last few days and I’d say the number one feeling while dialing the numbers was dread.  I like to call people to uplift them, to catch up and laugh, not to make them sad or worried.  But what do you do…not all days can be as planned.

But once again, in all of this, I found a lot of humor in how people reacted.  With that, here are some of my favorite comments.

Keep me abreast to…oh…I’m so sorry!  Keep me updated.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!  I feel like I should say something more comforting than oh shit.

Oh, Megan!  What the…I mean…well…what the hell is going on!?  (this was said with abundant worry)

Well that’s just Bullshit!!!  (when discussing this cancer vs. my age)