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My Cup Runneth Over!

October 23, 2008

The outpouring of love has been humbling and it has filled my heart to the brim and I’m keeping each and every email in a special file!

Before these comments get stashed away, I thought I’d share some of my favorite snippets with you because they are very heartwarming.  And before I share them, I’d like to add something that I’ve learned.  When sad news strikes, we are all in the same boat; we don’t know what to say, but if we speak from our heart, short or long, that is enough.  I’ve also learned from my dear friend Josh, that memories and laughter are one of the best gifts that can ever be given.  Josh and I grew up together from toddler to 13.  We were best of friends and we spent nearly every day together.  He has a very special place in my heart!  His memories won’t mean much to you, but I’m posting them because it might inspire you to send something similar to someone you love.  I was in tears I was laughing so hard and it instantly made everything ok.  I’d like to kick off these wonderful email snippets with Josh’s:

Me and Josh

“I am so sorry to hear the news. I was trying to think of something profound to say, but nothing seemed to come (profound is asking a lot for me). So instead, I decided to write down some memories of the good old days. I figured if I could not offer ancient wisdom, some words that put a smile on your face were probably the next best thing (they say laughter and a positive attitude are essential to beating the “Big-C”). Don’t expect anything coherent, just some things that bounced back into my head, most for the first time in 25 years. There is a movie line that I have always liked: “at my age, to remember a new name, I’ve got to forget an old one.” The same is true for memories. It is entirely possible that a bunch of these things are either are figments of my imagination, or that you have a totally different recollection of them, but here goes:

Eating “minor’s lettuce” in your back yard. Apple juice crush parties (remember when there were apple orchards in Sonoma County). Meeting you at the corner of Anderson and Covey after school to walk the rest of the way home. The bus would drop you off at that corner at about the same time as I got there walking and we would head up Dominic’s dirt road from there. As an aside, Dominic once paid me $20 to crawl under his house to see if his dog had died under there. He would also give us candy when we’d go to his house, but as good as the candy was, daughter with cerebral palsy in the wheel chair was a little too scary to make many trips over there. If I was late for school, I would come over for a ride in one of your parents diesel cars, like the Peugeot, with those backward seats in the “way back” (the days before car seats for kids, seat belts were optional). Lake Mendocino camping trips with Hobie Cats (you gave me a hobie cat Velcro wallet one year), wind surfers and your Dad’s jet powered surf board (those never really took off). Other assorted trips to Tomales Bay, Jenner, etc. The overnight trip to Angel Island on your parents boat – “The Pacific Dream” (now this is a very vague memory, but I think your parents put out some crab pots on that trip, but they came untied and we lost them). Riding your ATV (first the three-wheeler (before they figured out how dangerous those were), then the four-wheeler) around the “track” we made in the back yard. Riding your ATV and that motorcycle your dad brought home for me up and down our road. The giant puddle that formed at the bottom of our road every winter. Being outraged that someone named our road without our consent (Johnson’s Fork?) Another vague one, but I think your Dad took various actions in response to his mailbox being smashed and newspapers being stolen, including putting some dog crap in the newspaper box one day to get even with the thief and putting up a mailbox filled with cement to get even with the mailbox baseball players? (Those ideas may have been discussed, but never actually implemented, but that sort of thing get confused when you seven). Eating leftover ravioli’s at your house after school then playing board games or card games until dark. Parcheesi, Sorry, Life, dominos, Crazy-8’s, Pick-up sticks, Operation and Uno were favorites. Playing “M.A.S.H.” (you will live in a mansion, be married to Jeff Menard, have 24 kids and drive a green dump truck when you grow up). Every spring, breaking a new path from your house to mine…”  {JM}

“I, like you, randomly check my breasts (I do not like to be reminded I always wish for more!) never knowing just what I am doing or looking for.  When you are over the surgery and the recovery, I shall have an excuse to go out and buy the most beautiful and sexy bra I can find and then decide to give it to you! You have only one promise to keep: if you have any augmenting surgery, you tell me, so I can go too. Then our sizes will still be the same!!!!!”  {JP}

“In my opinion, your breast needs to be treated lovingly, not as alien.”  {JH}

“Let me say first, I love you and you are in my prayers.” {SC}

“Ask me to clean your bathroom, and I’ll do it. Bring a meal, yes. Give a foot rub? Okay.”  {KW}

“I’m thankful to Mike for his intuition.  I’m thankful that you are so smart.  I’m thankful that you have a good team working with you.  I’m thankful that you are willing to share with us.  I’m thankful that you are you.”  {JF}

“I love your thoughts and words.  I wasn’t expecting to smile as I read your blog.  Know that we’re praying God’s healing and protective hand on your life.  We really are praying, LOTS!  Even though I’m not there, I’m thinking about you constantly.”  {JR}

“I am participating in a Scooters for Hooters ride this Saturday and all the proceeds go to Sonoma County Woman with Breast Cancer.  I will ride for you my dear.”  {SS}

“Loved your joke about being diagnosed during cancer awareness month. I will never forget getting prepped for my mastectomy, EB was with me in the room; it was Cinco de Mayo at 5am in the morning on 5-5-05! I did get my “mock margarita” when the best anesthesiologist in the US entered the room and hooked me up!”  {JB}

“Goodnight with love, hugs and prayers…and positive boob news!”  {JP}

“…if you need anything that I can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.  Even if its just offering a room for a Utah ski holiday?”  {JH}

“I won’t try to say that I can come even close to understanding, but I will pass on that upon hearing this, I immediately considered how healthy you are, your strength and general good attitude. I believe that all of these things will help you get through the rougher spots.”  {SE}

“I’m speechless, worried, sad, and super hopeful and optimistic for a very positive outcome.”  {AM}

“So I was driving the girls home (Madi’s friend is staying with us for a few days) and they said “why is water running down your face? (I had sunglasses on). Madi says “are you crying?” I just sit there for awhile. She says it again. I said I got some news about Megan and she’s sick. She has cancer. Hannah says “breast cancer?” Its amazing what they know at nine today! So Madi says “Well I better start saving my yogurt tops” So cute. Hannah asked if I would like to have her breast cancer awareness bracelet. When we got home, Madi gave me her top of her yogurt.  I love you. You’ll be good. You’re tough.”  {SF}