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November 7, 2008

With an empty 30 minutes just lingering around before we had to leave for SF this morning and with Mike busy typing emails in the other room, I quickly stripped down to my favorite white tank, set up my tripod near the soft light of our bedroom window and snapped a handful of images using the self timer.

25 minutes later I was dressed and quickly editing them on my computer, while Mike was looking over my shoulder with a completely baffled face, “You just did this?  Where was I??”

It was a great experience to pose and to see the up close and raw results, however all photos no matter the subject, bring some emotion to the viewer.  My emotions were; I think I am beautiful, not a conceited beautiful, but a beautiful that is sincere and well earned, but the flip side was this thought … when did I start getting older?!

I’ve learned through my years of photography that all subjects are a bit critical of their own images and this defect doesn’t diminish even with me, simultaneously being the photographer and the subject.  But I have also learned that if we don’t love who we are now with all of our perfect imperfections, then when will we love ourselves?  Let us all enjoy our individual beauty today and don’t waste a moment on all of the silly nit-picking nonsense!