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October 31

November 1, 2008

Now we wait…

My blood sample is on its way to the lab in Utah that will test to find out if I have the breast cancer gene mutation. This test is very critical.  Basically, if it is negative, my surgery will be minimal as we are currently planning.  If it is positive, my chances of “recurrence” in both breasts and ovaries is quite high and drastic surgery will be likely.  Based on my family history, I only have a 10% likelihood that I have the mutation so that is very promising. PRAYERS:  Pray for a quick turnaround (2 weeks or less) and pray for negative results!

My MRI will take place mid November.  The timing of the MRI needs to be timed around my cycle, so that is why there is a delay.   Ughh!

Based on the test results above we are tentatively planning on a surgery date near Nov. 24.  (Whatever that surgery may be…)

October 25

October 25, 2008

Yesterday we met with my second opinion doctor and it was equally as positive as my first opinion doctor, so now Mike and I have a long list of items to research, mostly with our insurance and what they cover.  Based on all of the results so far, both doctors are recommending the same; an out-patient lumpectomy, sentinel lymph node removal, followed up with 6 weeks of radiation and probably add the 5 year anti-cancer drug just to be extra safe.  There are two factors that could alter these recommendations, but we feel confident with this plan so far. The next steps for us are:

  • Determine which doctor and facility is best for our circumstances.
  • Continue with the genetic test consultation that is already scheduled for next week and then actually take the genetic test to determine if I have the “breast cancer gene”.  We’ll have to wait up to three weeks for the results.   (ughh!)
  • Schedule a MRI in the next two weeks to get a better look at my entire chest.
  • Based on all of the above, we’re looking at a tentative surgery date near Thanksgiving.

October 24

October 24, 2008

My tumor was 7mm (tumor is such an icky term), which is about half the size of a pea. I use the term “was” because they estimate that half of the tumor is already gone just by the initial biopsy I had last week. From what I’ve been reading, it’s more common for the discovery to be in the cm range; such as the size of a peanut or lime.  I’m happy and cautiously optimistic with my mere mm diagnosis!
And all of this talk of “peas” made me think of the fable The Princess and the Pea and how this detection was truly miraculous, just like the fable.  I’m fairly certain that if I’m the “princess” in this analogy than that definitely makes Mike my “prince”!
(I know we’re so gushy and mushy, so let’s collectively let out a big groan)

October 22

October 23, 2008

Two more of my blood results were explained to me today.  Basically one level is good and it means I’m a good candidate for an after cancer drug (if we choose – still need to read more on it), and the other level is also good and that means that the cancer is NOT classified as “aggressive”.  Keep in mind that all news can quickly sway from one spectrum to the other, but I’m excited about this news today.

I walked through a local store that had a big breast cancer display full of pink stuff and I had to roll my eyes just a tad.  I mean really… “tweezers for life” with pink ribbons on them??!!  Ok, so maybe the proceeds help, but it just seemed a bit much.  But on the flip side, I cannot live without my tweezers for more than a day, so maybe there’s some truth there.

On Sunday my pastor and some friends layed hands on me for prayer all while having a dab of olive oil on their fingertips.  The oil represents vitality (I think).  Anyway I noticed it was STAR brand and that’s what I have in my cupboard.  I joked later that I’ll probably never buy another brand; if it’s good enough for blessings its good enough for cooking.

October 21

October 21, 2008

I had a chest xray on Friday and it is normal.
The doctor explained to me that an xray is kind of rudimentary now a days but it’s still happy news that it looks good.

An MRI is being ordered to be extra sure.