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January 6, 2010

Today is my 1 year cancer-free anniversary so let’s all sing together…

“Happy 1 year anniversary to me (you).  Happy 1 year anniversary to me (you). Happy onnnneeee yearrrrr anniversary, happy one year anniversary to me (you)!”

“And many (many!!) more….”

In case you’re wondering how it became this particular date, January 6 was the date of my final surgery which got all of the cancer, so that date is now my second “birthday”.  And today’s milestone was made extra special with the news from my Oncology doctor confirming that last weeks (routine) MRI came back looking great, on both sides!

Helping Hands

December 11, 2009

There’s a whole world of help out there that most of us never even knew existed (and rightfully so)!  Here is an organization that helps to keep things clean when all else is overwhelming.  So, if you know of someone going through chemo, may I recommend Cleaning For A Reason.